How to finesse new york

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Aight so, I know some of y’all are probably out here faking the funk and acting like you got it like that from time-to-time. (We all broke, some of us just make it look good) So I’m here to provide you with some sauce for when you have to maneuver and make something out of nothing. Being a New Yorker, it’s practically embedded in our DNA to always try and get the better bang for your buck at all times. And even when the buck is non-existent, there’s almost always a way to get around it. These tips aren’t only applicable for parties, and events, you can use this shit and apply it to real life situations too like at your job, at school or even when you have to finagle your own grandma – the finesse knows no limit.

Do your research: Of course, before you attempt to make something happen, you should know what you’re getting into. Going in blind is only going to leave you disappointed and embarrassed. AT LEAST KNOW THE BASICS of what you plan on finessing; if it’s an event, know a promoter or host, if it’s a local backyard bashment, know somebody who’s inside already. We’ve all been in a situation where we RSVP’d for an event but didn’t get that coveted confirmation email. In this case, hit up your peeps and see who’s in there already and have them tell you what the vibe at the door is like. Also, make sure you roll out to the event with someone who did get that email and have them forward that shit to you. It’s not exactly fool-proof, but it’s probably more effective than pulling up with nothing to back you up.

Look the part: I think this goes without saying, but for those of you who only wear Tech suits and white uptowns, please keep reading. This tip is the most important of them all, because how you look usually attributes to how people deal with you. This is maybe not the best way to go about living life, but it is what it is I guess. Perfect of example of this tip: A friend was covering a Fashion Week event last week and her boss told her she could invite someone if she wanted and she invited me. What she didn’t tell her is that it was a release party for an up and coming streetwear brand and that the likes of Juelz Santana, Iman Shumpert and Bernice Burgos would be attending. Knowing that it was Fashion Week, I made sure to DRESS ACCORDINGLY. I even carried a tote bag with me to really set the tone for how I was coming through. I got to the spot and security asked me to see my RSVP email. Of course I wasn’t made aware that I was supposed to RSVP, but luckily I’ve been in this situation before and my poker face is impeccable. I simply told him, “I’m on the list” and sure enough he opened the door and I walked right in.

Be confident, but not cocky: Lastly, when you’re in the midst of making your way down the line and see that you are approaching the door, have your plan intact. This way, you’re not out here stammering like a rookie. The last thing you want to do is make something up on the fly and you and squad end up going home with the L. Get everyone on the same page and approach the person at the door as if YOU KNOW YOU’RE SUPERPOSED TO BE IN THERE. Some people react differently to outright rudeness, so pay attention to how the person you are dealing with responds to you. Try to be genuinely confused at first before you turn shit up and make a scene. And if all else fails, die with the lie. DO NOT change the story at any point for any reason because if it’s already been decided that you aren’t getting in, there’s no reason to admit you weren’t on the list to begin with.

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