Unplugged with Chelsie Denise

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

A very familiar sound exists within the music of Chelsie Denise. The tone of her voice is soothing and welcomes the listener in like a friendly next-door neighbor and once inside, it’s her personality that keeps you there. Armed with the obligatory oversized Champion hoodie and box braids, the self-proclaimed “Haitian Gypsy” looks as if she came straight out of Brooklyn in the 1990’s.

It’s clear that Chelsie is a lover of all things from the Golden Era of Hip-Hop by her overall aura. She even goes on to reveal her love of the classic film, “Brown Sugar” to the those in attendance at her Gypsy Cab Diaries session in Brooklyn. The intimate setting of the venue was the ideal stage for her to put herself and her stories on display, making it easy to be engaged in what she has to offer.

The Cozy/Comfy aesthetic she possesses relates directly to the melodic + Neo Soul feel of her single, “We Guhd”, where she samples fellow Brooklynite, The Notorious B.I.G. The track is a retrospective one that tackles the development of unhealthy attachments to people + even things. Ms. Denise later goes on to divulge from the troubles of her life because she simply “just wants to feel good”. Same, Chelsie, same. Get in tune with the sounds of this young artist and be prepared to get acquainted with a kindred spirit.

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