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New Tings- The Hair Appointment, UK 

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Concept Pusher

the shop

Committed to exploring new found brand identities, Just Tea also takes form in product + marketplace. Expanding the brand into everyday objects and a one-stop shop for other contemporary independent brands.

our work is the mood board


 just tea is a creative boutique specializing in brand development, conceptual storytelling, and connecting brands with leading young talent in the NYC and London area. As a collective of creative dope dealers, our direction is to produce awe-inspiring narratives for brands while exploring different mediums to share our stories with others.   

concept pusher

/ˈkɒnsɛpt | pʊʃə/



1. ​a person who deals concepts, an idea or invention for their community.

  "an underworld of creatives, innovative pushers, and thieves"

    2. a person or thing that pushes something

On our very first episode of PUSHER the podcast, we catch up with fashion over style PR guru Maricia Jospeh. As she takes us through her journey into the fashion industry and gives us insight of she jump started her brand, listen in on how Maricia continue to make her dreams come true.


Photos by: 
Diahann Williams

Music + Mantra is a monthly playlist and guided meditation that reflects on the present, self-expression, and gems dropped by our favorite influencers + indie artist trending. It's a vibe that affirms your week, a melodic link to self-care.

Music + Mantra 

how to finesse New York 

and stories 

artist unplugged: chelsie denise

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